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well, I'm a girl. and i think guys like it. it lets them know your'e into them. Make them feel special. and yes, it does make them feel horny and good. i have no experience with that but i know what they think. Because i too have a fine boy to like, Takobe Ratleen Gray/Whiteside. Good luck girl!!

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Q: Do guys like it when you rub their body when kissing?
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What is it like to rub your penis with another guy's penis?

this is an activity called frottage or frot and is quite pleasurable for those guys who enjoy it. Especially good if the guys enjoy kissing while they do it.

Why do girls rub oil on their body is it to attract guys or what and why?

It feels good and they get aroused

How do you grab a guys junk?

To start off, try kissing the neck area and gently scratching him, but not to where it would hurt. Rub up against him and press your pelvis against his. Move your legs against his body and even between his legs. And if your comfortable with it, rub his dick and balls a little. That's what I did to my bf. Hope it helps.

How do you turn a guy on while kissing and standing?

Rub the back of his neck hard.

Why do guys like it so much when girls rub or lick their own boobs?

Because they want to see "What they would do" if they were a girl

Do women like guys rub their feet?

I'm sure I speak for millions of women when I say that a foot rub is always appreciated. However, I don't know of any women who admit being turned on by a foot rub, if that's what you mean.

How do you strip for a pillow?

You take your pillow and start acting like a stripper like rub your body and all that.

Why do gay guys rub their asses with lube?

For easy penetration

Can girls get turned on if guys rub there knee?

ya they can unlikely but they can

What makes a guy hard without getting naked or looking like a slut?

My boyfriend gets hard easily - I just have to make out with him, which also does it for alot of guys. For some guys it can be a little harder and it helps if you like rub up against his crotch. It doesn't have to be like a hand or anything if your uncomfortable with that. Just as you are making out or hugging or something rub your leg or hip up against it.

Do horses kiss?

They don't exactly kiss they rub there muzzles together, but i guess you could call that kissing.

What connect the skeleton?

it is connect by some in your body it is like rubber so with out it your body is going to rub on each other and it is going to hit