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I would like to add he does feel it before it comes out but like the statement below is also correct. Read the Bottom Statement!

No. Keep in mind that all male sex fluid (pre-ejaculate) may and does contain sperm cells that can fertilize the female egg.

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Q: Do guys always feel the sperm before it comes out?
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Can you get pregnant from a man putting his penis in you and not doing anything but moving around and not sperming?

If he did not ejaculate then you would not become pregnant. for you to become pregnant your ovum has to be fertilized by the mans sperm. However you ca not always be sure that no sperm left the mans penis just because he told you so. even he cant be totally sure. However the likely hood sounds fairly small that you are pregnant. If you make a habit of doing this though you will become pregnant.***********************************************************************not true! Men produce pre-cum prior to regular ejaculation and it does contain traces of sperm. It only takes ONE sperm to fertilize an egg.Pre-cum is pre-ejaculate (also known as pre-ejaculatory fluid or Cowper's fluid) is the clear lubricating fluid that is issued from a man's penis when he is aroused. Slang terms for pre-ejaculate include pre-come, pre-cum, dog water, and speed drop.Here is additional input and related advice:Pre-cum is pre-ejaculatory semen. It is the fluid that ejaculates from a man before the "Big Bang." Although it is a small amount, you should always use protection because you can still get pregnant and contract STD's from it.BE CAREFUL LADIES! Pre-cum may contain sperm from a previous ejaculation, so there is a chance of GETTING PREGNANT! Men don't always know it's going to happen, as they don't always feel it.

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What is pre ejaculant?

This is the clear liquid that comes out before ejaculation. It's also called Cowper's fluid, and its purpose is to flush the urethra so left-over urine won't kill the sperm. Note that Cowper's fluid may contain some live sperm, and that most guys don't feel it flowing.

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Because before a man ejaculates, he secretes pre-ejaculation fluid which he cannot feel. That fluid contains sperm. Also because not every womens cycle is always regular.

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