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Younger ones do sometimes

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Some guys may act like jerks around girls they have a crush on due to nervousness or lack of social skills. They may not know how to properly express their feelings and end up behaving inappropriately. However, this behavior is not acceptable and should not be tolerated.

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Q: Do guys act like jerks around girls they have a crush on?
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Why are guys jerks to girls?

because of how awful they are not all guys are jerks. but there are some guys that are jerks to be jerks really, don't let these guys put you down or influence you in any way. most guys I think are not trying to be jerks though, its our nature because we do not fully understand girls and how sensitive you really are. guys that seem to be jerks might not notice what they are doing

Do guys just use girls as a jealousy tool?

no those are the jerks

Why do girls like jerks but not nice guys?

not all girls do they just act that way to seem cool.

Why do guys make fun of girls who are inexperienced?

Because they want to be the first one to get in your pants. Some guys are just jerks

Do guys like it when someone has a crush on them?

Mostly if it's girls :)

How do you get a boyfriend when all the guys are jerks?

With difficulty at the least ! If all guys are jerks then why would you bother trying ? If that is what you think of guys then there is no chance for you ! You may need to reevaluate what you mean before this can be answered. positively, but I can tell you, you have it wrong ! Not all guys are jerks, in fact most guys are not jerks.

Why do guys try to bring down the girls they like when they know that they cannot have them?

It's called "sour grapes", and is practiced primarily by jerks. You have better things to do than worry about jerks.

Are middle school boys shy to talk to girls?

when guys are shy to girls that means they like that girl.

Why do girls like guys who are jerks but ignore guys who are nice?

The belief that girls prefer jerks over nice guys is a stereotype that is not universally applicable. Some individuals may be attracted to confidence and assertiveness demonstrated by some "jerks," but this does not represent all girls' preferences. Ultimately, people are attracted to individuals who make them feel valued, respected, and appreciated, regardless of their demeanour.

Do girls check out guys on Facebook if there have some kind of crush?

Most probably

Do girls like jerks or nice guys?

Girls really like nice guys..but they usually just date the jerks because they tend to be attractive :) Well maybe that^ first half was accurate. I'm a teenage girl and the only guy i would even consider dating is one who is NOT selfish, a "jerk", mean, disrespectful...etc. Dumb :P Jerks are NEVER ever attractive! they tend to be the most insecure one out of the whole crowd and just don't know how to respect people. Now that's just sad. And anyone who could appreciate that "jerk" cuz you like his hair and forget how he really treats people than something isn't right with you.

Do guys like redheaded girls?

I don't know about guys and girls but i do know about girls and guys! i have a crush on this red headed boy and so does my friend and also my worst enemy so most girls do like guys with red hair.