Do guy like girls with muscles?

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2012-09-02 05:49:42

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ya of course and tight abs and make sure u don't get too big

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2010-05-28 22:11:15
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It depends if the the guy likes muscles. He may like other things in girls such as hair, personality etc. All guys like different things.

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Q: Do guy like girls with muscles?
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Do girls like big muscles?

It depends on what the girls intrests are in a guy or what kinda guy the girl is looking for.

What do girls like in a guy's body?

hair or chest or muscles

Do girls like boys with muscles?

As far as I know, girls like boys who have muscles and are fit, I, as a girl, like slim but with slight muscles. I don't know how other girls feel about that.

What do girls see in a guy?

they see the personalitty and the muscles pluse looks

What do you call a guy who is fascinated with muscular girls?

A guy who is not gay and i mean he is not gay he likes women not men,so how a guy who like WOMEN with muscles can be gay come on there is a other name than that.

Are girls attracted to muscles?

yes!!! omg muscles shape the body of a guy!!! it feels good especially when you have seeeex!! :] ;)

Why doesn't programming skills make a guy irresistible to girls when stuff like big muscles does?

Intelligence is attractive as long as it is combined with masculinity.

Do girls like guys who flex their muscles?


Do guys like mean girls or the nice girls?

Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.

What is it called if your a guy and you like girls that like girls?

Perfectly normal

What do girls like in a certain type of guy?

All girls are different in personality. Some girls like guys that are on the shy side; other girls are looking for good looks in a guy first; other girls like a good personality in a guy and some girls like the bad boy image.

What kind of girls do country boys like?

Every Guy is different. They could like Country girls or they could like Preppy Girls it just depends on the Guy.

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