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during puberty udon'tlose weight. You gain weight, then u will lose it after 5 years like me i started having boobs at 10 got my periods at 12 and gained weight at 11 then i lost all of the weight at 16. Trust me i hated my body i wanted to like kill my body!butdon'tfreak out, your all going to lose the weight after :)

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Most girls don't lose weight. Usually the opposite happens.

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Q: Do girls lose weight during puberty?
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What age does 'puppy fat' go away?

well puppy fat can go at anytime!! it may happen near puberty or after, girls may gain weight during puberty so you can lose it and feel like you gained it again (but you have not). when you lose puppy fat it feels as if you have just lost weight no different to losing weight itself. some people don't lose there puppy fat till much later on in life but most lose it between the ages of 9-14 I hope this helped you xx

Bulky chest like girls so what to do reduce it because you are male?

If you are in puberty then this is normal and will go away on its own. About 50% of boys or more develop some extra breat tissue during puberty. If you are overweight try exercising and eating healthy to lose weight and this will also help.

How much weight can you lose in a week if your a teenage boy?

up to 2 lbs... But don't try to lose weight unless you are finished with puberty or really heavy

Do girls lose weight once they get there period?

Ofcourse not.

Do you lose weight when puberty PROPERLY hits you?

It varies. Often the child don't lose weight but get taller so it evens it out. Just eat healthy and exercise and wait until you are out of puberty at 18-20. You are like a bun in the oven so we have no idea how you will turn out.

What should a 4'11 11 year old who has not gone through puberty weigh?

If you are fairly strong and weigh from 100-110 pounds your fine and don't lose weight, if you weigh more, lose weight. If you are fairly weak and weigh from 70-90 pounds your fine don't lose weight, if you weight less lose weight. If you weight 90-100 pounds weak or strong your PERFECT don't EVER think your over weight. For an 11 year old girl who hasn't had puberty then you will soon and when you do then take my advice

Why do girls put on weight after sex?

I would think it's because they lose weight and burn energy during sex so afterwards they eat a lot to gain it back?

during a growth spurt do you lose weight?

Lean body mass in girls diminishes from approximately 80 percent to 75 percent by the end of puberty, while the amount of body fat increases. In comparison, the percentage of lean muscle mass in boys increases from about 80 percent to 90 percent by the time they reach adulthoo

How much weight do you loose when you start your period if you are over 100 pounds?

You are not guarenteed to lose weight on your perio regardless of what you currently weight. If anything, girls tend to gain weight as they bloat or retain some water weight during their periods.

Does a horse lose weight during pregnancy?

How can a 12 year old lose a lot of weight during the winter?

By exercising. Dieting at 12 can be dangerous, because around this time your body is entering the stages of puberty, dieting can severely effect your growth in a negative way during puberty. So, exercise is the best way for you and eating healthily (ie, apples instead of cakes).

What is the best workout for girls to lose weight?

Push ups, dumbells etc.