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yes. of couse they do. me aswell

its very soothing

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Q: Do girls like getting their privates touched?
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Do girls like getting touched on there breast?

not completely sure but probably no

Where do girls like getting touched at?

Well girls like it when you touch there butt or if your kissing touch her butt or boobs.

Do girls like there privates?

sometimes it depends who it is

Do girls like their breast to be touched?

of coursr yes.....

Do girls like having their vagina licked and sucked and touched?


What part of a girls body do they like to be touched at?

T girls like to be touched on their boobs and when you slowly move your hand near to their stomach they feel more comfortabl and then if u are in private then u can go more down then stomach and u can enjoy

What specifically do girls like when it comes to having their breasts played with and touched?

Making out at the same time you do this.

Why do girls gasp when there breasts are touched?

Because, the breasts are a personal matter and it surprises girls when they are touched in this particular area. We can tell when it's accidental, so think twice before you do it. If you and your gf are getting intimate just be gentle, this area can be sensitive sometimes. Gently touch, don't grab. This is an act of love and intimacy, not a game of aggression. But in most cases, girls like this feeling and are surprised about how good it feels.

Why do girls want to have their breasts touched?

It is one of the gateways that may lead to a relationship that includes intimate and lust-like activities, which some girls want.

What does a girls privates feel and look like?

A girls privates are one of the most beautiful and erotic things you will ever see. The vagina is a warm, moist and soft place. It is pink with the lips of the vagina pink and full and you can just barely see the clitoris poking through. That is the most sensitive part of her sexual organs and when she is getting ready to cum it gets bigger and turns a very deep pink. If she is a virgin it will be very tight, everything will be close together and just the thought of being touched or licked will make it swell with excitement. If they are shaved it is even better because then you can feel the soft skin of her lips and the warm stickiness of the inside of her vagina that almost sucks your fingers, tongue or penis when you're inside it.

What does it feel like to touch a girls breasts and vagina?

answer: girls love their breasts being touched but with love and tenderness. do it but nicely,some like it rough so look for your girls reactions. be soft if she likes soft. be rough if she enjoys you grabbing her breasts. all girls are different,but all love to be touched. Do not forget to kiss lick and suck. use your tongue,it will drive her crazy.

Why don't girls like their asses touched?

cause its disrespectful.! you have to understand that or you will NEVER get a girlfriend unless you date a $lut