Do girls have cooties

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes, absolutely. This condition is extremely contagious. Fortunately, there are precautions that can be taken. A vaccination has been developed. It is called a cootie shot. They are available at playgrounds nationwide. The administrator of this shot must be under 12 years of age and hold a current circle circle dot dot certification card. Be sure to avoid any contact with girls until you have been vaccinated.

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Q: Do girls have cooties
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How do you know if you have cooties?

There are cootie catchers you can make plus boys have boy cooties and girls have girl cooties!

Why shouldn't boys touch girls?

they have cooties.

What is cudies?

It looks like "cudies" may be a typo. If you are referring to "coodies," it is a childish term for an imaginary germ or disease that someone can catch from the opposite sex. It is not a real medical condition.

What is the age of Justin Bieber when he had first girlfriend?

He hasn't, he still thinks girls have cooties.

Why do boys have cooties?

Boys have cooties because they have one brain cell when they are born. To fill the empty space where their other brain cells should be, the bodies of boys create cooties, an undetectable mixture of scents that deflects girls without them noticing. Boys can only create one batch of cooties because of the amount of energy it takes to create it. Cooties are created in the baby boys' early stages but are not released from their empty brain cell until they turn two. As boys get older, cooties slowly seep through the pores in their heads, causing girls to call them "icky" and "gross". Soon, the boys run out of cooties, somehow manage to grow another brain cell, and end up slightly more mature then a first grader.

Do guys have cooties?

Cooties is an imaginary disease. Nobody really has cooties or can catch them.

What were cooties?

cooties are a type of body lice

Do girls need the cootie shot?

No, the "cooties" aren't real. They're not a sickness, therefore there is no vaccination required for them. The cooties were probably made up to make sure little girls and boys didn't do anything too "mature" for their age. For example, a mother probably told her son not to kiss or touch a girl because she would have the "Cooties". Answered by: Princess N77

When was Cockroach Cooties created?

Cockroach Cooties was created in 2001.

How do you get cooties?

Well, it's a long story. Cooties is a type of germ that girls are born with (girly girls, not tomboys) (and some REALLY retarded boys). It is only a small amount of cooties when they are small. But when they hit 8, their cooties go off the charts. There are also 3 ways to get cooties: 1. Being touched by a girl, 2. touching something a girl touched, and 3. being gay (it instantly makes a lot of cooties). Cures: Wash infected limb thoroughly, then cross your fingers for 30 seconds. Repeat this 5 times and you're cured. Prevention: You can always get the cootie shot. Just repeat this while making the shapes on your arm: Circle Circle Dot Dot Now I Got The Cootie Shot, Circle Circle Square Square, Now I Got It Everywhere. Closing note: Everyone will get cooties at least once in their life, so keep theez instructions in mind. Once your about to get married, you both get cooties. But when you have your first married kiss, all cooties vanish from both of you, forever. Some unfortunate people will always have cooties, even after death. But remember: if you see a girly girl, RUUUUNNN!!!!

Can people get cooties?

Cooties are a fictional disease and used by children as a way to make fun of someone. But many people call lice cooties.

What are cooties?

Cooties are a make believe disease that young girls think all young boys have and all young boys think young girls have it. It was created to try and keep girls and boys from getting too close in a relationship at such a young age. If infected with "cooties" by touching a kid of the opposite gender, you need a friend to give you a cootie shot which involved them running their finger in a circular motion where a sdhot would be given followed by 2 jabs saying "circle, circle, dot, dot, now you have your cootie shot!" ~GFiZZLE