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yess well i dun really know but most likely :) for me yeah or maybe

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Q: Do girls get turned on If a guy kisses her neck?
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Do girls become preganent after a guy kisses her on neck answer you in yes or no?

No. If you just kissed her than no.

Why does it turn me on when a guy kisses my neck?

cuz it is comfortable

What does it mean when a guy kisses your neck?

He is trying to get your horny enough to have sex

Why does it feel so good when a guy kisses your neck?

your neck doesn't get touched very often, women have a lot of nerves on the skin of their neck

What do you do when a guy kisses your neck?

Enjoy it. Unless they start sucking then hickies never come out good.

Where to kiss a guy other than his lips?

well a guy usally kisses you in other places but girls do to um well start at the lips move do to the neck if his shirt and pants are of then to the chest then down down down and then its time to suck

What drives guys crazy in a kiss what turns them on when a guy kisses them?

by bf gets turned on by moaning

What to do when your best guy friend kisses you on the neck?

Kiss him back. And enjoy the moment. But beware, he may be trying to seduce you.

Do guy like to hugs girls around her neck?

ya its a rlly cute guy thing

What does it mean when a guy hugs a girl and she kisses him in the neck?

um well if it happened to u then u guys have a good relationship

Does it turn girls on when a guy is about to kiss a girl and he grabs her wrist and grabs them at her neck?

If you grab her wrist maybe if you grab her neck no I'm a girl and that would just scare me not turn me on.

What is necking?

if i am right it is when a guy kissies and licks a girls neck

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