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No you cannot get pregnant by kissing a boy. But just know that kissing a boy can lead to doing other things. If you are not ready to have a baby, I would hold off on kissing boys.

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Q: Do girls get pregnant if they kiss a boy?
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Way do girls kiss a boy panic?

If the question is: Why do girls panic if a boy kisses them, or they kiss a boy? I think it's embarrassment mixed with fear.

What to be done when girls are dating a boy?

Kiss Him!!

Can a girl get pregnant if a boy do any kind of kiss?


Do boys kiss girls?

If the boy is heterosexual yes.

Will the teen girls get pregnant when they kiss boys?

You cannot get pregnant by kissing, you can only get pregnant by sexual intercourse.

Can a boy guinea pig get another boy guinea pig pregnant?

No, only girls get pregnant :)

When Is kiss your loved one day?

March 16 for guys you kiss your girlfriend and for girls you kiss your boy friend

Do you get pregnant by a boy peeing in a girls pee hole?

NO. You get pregnant by coming into a vage.

Can girls get pregnant at 16?

Yes if they have sex with a boy.

Does a girls get pregnant if a boy musturbated in her mouth?


If you have the period and you kiss a boy will you get pregnant?

No. The act of kissing does not create pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if you have clothes on and you lay on top of a boy and you kiss but he doesnt ejaculate?

No. With clothes as a barrier and his lack of ejaculation, you will not get pregnant.