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For men , Yes they like men

For women , They would like women

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Q: Do gay people love men
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What is it called when two men love eachover?

People would call them gay

Why do gay men love men?

For the exact same reason that straight men love women.

What could a stereotype be for LGBT people?

The most popular one would probably be that gay men are girly and lesbians are really manly. Or, that lesbians are in love with every girl, and vise versa for gay men.

Do men like pienus?

The ones that are probably gay or the ones that are in love with their dick

How can tell if a man is gay?

You really can't. Gay men are as varied as heterosexual men and unfortunately many have to hide their sexuality out of fear of persecution. Generally gay men suffer more oppression and have high drug, alcohol, suicide, rates, than other groups. I am not gay but I go out of my way to show love and kindness to gay people I come across and I pray to God that the day will come when people will not have to hide who they are out of fear.

Is it possible that men will love gay people?

If by "men" you mean straight men then yes it is entirely possible for a staight man to love a gay man or even another straight man without being gay himself. This does not mean however that the straight man suddenly becomes a gay man and neither does it indicate that the man is bisexual. It simply means that he is attracted to a certain male but is still strictly attracted to girls.

Is Terry Wong Gay?

No...he's straight. He has dumped 7 girlfriends. But gay men love him.

How do you you be a gay?

because i was ment to be a women and love to please men

Is Jason gedrick gay?

Yes 100 % and love men

Why do men want to be gay?

No one wants to be gay. For most gay men, when they first realize they are gay, they are sad about it. Gay people have fewer recognized rights than straight people, and much more harrassment. Gay men must learn to accept themselves, and then they can live happy lives.

Which human body systems work directly together to allow locomotives?


You are gay and you love to blow hot gay men what should you do when you get arrested for sexual abuse?

Have a blast in jail.