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Sometimes, for some gay guys they don't like receiving anal sex. In most cases though, gay men can and often do ejaculate when receiving anal. The prostate is a g-spot so to speak for men and will make them ejaculate when stimulated.

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Q: Do gay men ejaculate when they are receiving anal?
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Do homosexuals ejaculate when they get penetrated?

Yes, it is possible to ejaculate from anal sex. (2) I haven't reviewed this source lately but I recall Masters and Johnson study finding that anal intercourse was rather low down (excuse the pun) on the list of preferred gay sexual activity - it was preceded by kissing, felatio and mutual masturbation. They also did a comparison between gay couples and heterosexual couples who engaged in anal intercourse as part of their normal repertoire. They found (surprisingly) that the women who were used to being penetrated anally acheived orgasm from this activity alone far more frequently than did the gay men who were penetrated anally. In men, compression of the prostate gland during anal penetration may restrict the normal force and volume of ejaculation.

Are you gay if you like man arse?

Gay men fall in love with other men. Liking anal sex with a man can be a sign of it but only you know that.

Why do girls like it when you ejaculate in their butt?

Receiving ejaculate in any orifice can be an extremely intimate act for a woman (and some men). It can be viewed as loving, pleasurable, kinky, etc.

Are you gay if girlfriend puts dildo in your ass?

No, lots of men enjoys anal sex.

Do gay guys suck on penis's?

Normally, gay men not only suck on penis's they even insert their penis(s) into other men's rectums. This is known as Anal Sex.

Are gay men anal bigger than usual?

Not all gay men a well endowed. But I have never been disappointed by a man's size, long or short. The important thing is how well he uses it.

Do gay men develop anal prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is uncommonly caused by sex.

What do married gay men do with other gay men sexually?

Answer 1: A man sexually involved with another man is either kissing, mutually masturbating, fondling, giving or receiving oral sex and giving or receiving anal intercourse.Answer 2: They do whatever is pleasing to each other based on their own tastes as well as likes and dislikes. Whatever a man is needing or wanting to do with another man that is pleasuring him immensely. If each man agrees it just comes down to what is wanted at that moment.-------------------The same thing that single gay men do with other gay men sexually. Being married is irrelevant, other than it means cheating on one's spouse. There is nothing wrong with being gay. There IS something wrong with cheating on someone who trusts you to be faithful.

Does it make you gay if a girls gives you anal?

Hmm, curious question. I'll assume it's serious. Do you mean "Will you become gay" or "Is it evidence that you are gay". The answer, either way, is emphatically "No". Your sexual preferences simply "are". Each of us finds what gets us off. If you try a sexual practice like anal sex, and enjoy it, then you can add it to your repertoire. If not, don't. None of them "make you" anything. Incidentally, there are plenty of gay men (i.e. men who are attracted exclusively to men) who aren't into anal sex. Just as there are straight men and women whose preferences vary from the "norm". Relax, explore, find what you enjoy and do more of it. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

Can you finger your butt without being gay?

Yes, all kinds of people enjoy anal stimulation, gay and straight. Some people never do it, of course. But it doesn't mean you are gay. You are gay if you are sexually and romantically attracted to the same sex. Men probably enjoy anal stimulation more because they have a prostate in there, which enjoys being stimulated.

If a man wants you to slap him on the butt is it an indication that he is gay?

This is hardly an indication that he is gay. Sex and sexual identity are similar but also different. Anal sex and anal play does not make someone gay, even though it is very common for gay men to engage in anal play.Men have a prostate gland that is easily stimulated through the anus. So many heterosexual men enjoy being anally stimulated in order to hit this prostate gland. (A finger aught to do it.) This does not mean he is gay, nor will it make him gay.Along the same lines, there are many gay men who do not enjoy being penetrated. This does not make them any less gay.How one prefers to have sex is not a clear indication of their sexual orientation. The best way to find that out is through communication.

Do gay men have hemorrhoids?

All human beings have vascular structures in their bodies known as hemorrhoids. If you are asking if anal sex causes inflammation of the hemorrhoids, the answer is no, it does not.