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Yes there are many camps for overweight adults out there, although most are referred to as weight loss camps. Some are even like a luxury vacation to lose weight.

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Q: Do fat camps for adults still exist?
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Where can one find fat camps for adults in California?

There are quite a few fat camps for adults in California. Most of the popular camps have websites where one could view pictures and info before committing. A few of these fat camps include Wellspring Camps, Camp Shane and Livestrong.

What are the success rates for fat camps?

While it is not known what the exact success rate is for fat camps, it is common that fat camps are very helpful for overweight people.

What are the health advantages of using fat camps?

Fat camps helps a person to get fit and healthy. A fat person has risks of various physical problems and is prone to many diseases. Some of the most known fat camps is Well Spring Camps.

What are some fat camps near Salt Lake City Utah?

premier fitness fat camp ia a well know fat camp for adults in salt lake city utah. It is know to be a premier fat camp for adult that take weight loss seriously.

What do you eat in a fat camp?

Fat camps provide healthy foods.

Do fat camps work?

Yes, they work amazingly

Is there a more politically correct name for fat camps for adults?

Yes. Instead of it being called a "Fat Camp" another term could be "Weight Loss Camp" or a "Weight Loss Retreat". A site that has a list of terms you could look at is

Is there such a thing as a fat camp?

Yes there is many places that are known as fat camps. They aren't officially known as that though, and are generally called fitness retreats or health camps.

How much does a fat camp typically cost?

Fat camp typically costs around $1000 USD per week, this is an average cost for fat camps. Fat camps help people who are overweight lose this weight by building good ethics and exercise.

Where can you buy Fat Cakes?

Fat cakes do not exist.

Where most fat people exist in America?

most fat people in america exist in evansville indiana.america has 60 percent of fat people in total.(it is true)

What is an adults RDA of saturated fat?

20 grams