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Smoke can cause wheezing because if you think about it all the nicotine and all that fluid coming of one cigarette can cause lung damage which may cause a caution in the respiration system system so using the once your body has taking in all that bad body air it keeps it in there and try to find a way and its coming out your mouth so there for it may cause wheezing its just like your smoking the cigarette yourself

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The answer to this question is a little complicated.

First off, if you have smoked analog cigarettes for any length of time prior to using electronic cigarettes, you will cough / wheeze for the first few weeks of using electronic cigarettes. This is more or less from quitting analog cigarettes rather than a direct result of using electronic cigarettes.

Another important note, there are a small percentage of people that may find the contents of the e-liquid an irritant to their lungs. This chemical is called Propylene Glycol or PG and should be avoided if lung or throat irritation continues after a few weeks of e-cig use. Rather than giving up on your e-cig quest, try to find a source of Vegetable Glycerin or VG based liquid to use in place of the PG and your results may prove to be more satisfying.

There are many great sources for liquid that are made in the USA and the one I recommend highest would be if your looking for a truly pleasurable vaping experience without having to fork up too much money.

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They may or may not make you cough or wheeze. It depends on your body and how it takes the chemical used in the liquid used with the electronic cigarette.

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Q: Do e-cigarettes make you cough or wheeze?
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