Do cute girls have cute feet?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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All girls have cute feet

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Q: Do cute girls have cute feet?
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How girls are cute?

girls or cute because they could have a CRUSH on you

Why boys love to kiss girl's feet?

ikr its so weird but they like because the girls like it and there feet r problay cute!

How are girls so cute?

girls or cute because they could have a CRUSH on you

How do girls with cute feet smell?

Are you asking if a girl has cute feet will they smell or do cute girl's feet smell? The first is very difficult to answer . the latter is no. very cute girls feet never stink.The rule here is, the better looking a girl the less her feet will smell. This has been proven in several double blind studies. Try this. Next time you find yourself in a room-full of girls . Tell them you are conducting a study and explain you will be sniffing their feet while blindfolded. Smell each for for several minutes each and rank it from 1 to 10 and then draw your own conclusions ! Note ! if the girls are opposed to this study. Then ask to smell their shoes .they will find this less personal. As well, you can ask them to put their shoes by the door or in a bag and that you can smell the shoes and then their feet and match them perfectly. Good luck ,I hope this helps you.

Does jaden smith like ghetto girls?

no he doesn't like ghetto girls his type is: tall black girls ,has to be under 5 feet, a great personality ,cute and i don't know the rest

What do girls think is cute?

Girls think that your face, hair, and some times personality is cute

Are Ethiopian Girls cute?

oh yes they r cute.

Is it weird to find girls that go to therapy cute?

no, you're human arn't you? if the girls cute then shes cute it doesn't matter wether she does therepy or not.

Do Princeton like tall girls girls his height?

I think he likes tall girls but it doesn't matter if you are short,cute but you must have a cute smile

What type of anime do you watch?

Cute girls doing cute things.

Is there a store with cute girls clothes?

There are a few great stores to choose from when looking for cute clothes for girls. I always found K-Mart to have the best variety of cute girls clothes. You can also check out this site

Jewish girls are cute?

yes, they are