Do condoms work all the time?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Absolutely not. They may stop a girl from getting pregnant but there is a chance that it could leak or have a hole in it. It also does not prevent from STD's

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Q: Do condoms work all the time?
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They work 88% of the time

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Which condoms work best?

Trojan! I've used them all... except for the knock off dollar store brand. those just look untrustable. Trojan has definitely come through 98% of the time for me.

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Blueberry Condoms.

Do tampons work just as good as condoms?

hahaha idiot

What are the chances that a 15 year old girl is pregnant if she is one week late and the boy wore a condom?

Be serious, condoms don't always work, knowing you've already found out by now, but condoms only work 99.6% of the time, and even then putting it on slighty wrong can causer it to split :p

Birth control method?

There are several birth control methods out there. However, the only 100% effective method is abstainance, as condoms can have holes in them, he might not pull out in time, and pills don't always work.

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They shoot down condoms when i'm doing your mother.

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Google flavored condoms. Try or visit your local adult store.

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Is there a law against kids buying condoms?

In some jurisdictions, there are restrictions on who may or may not purchase condoms. In others, there are none. So, the answer depends, mostly, on where you are at the time.