Do cheaters get caught

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Absolutely Yes. Later they will realized what they did was stupid, selfish and immature. I believe it all depends on the situation. My wife cheated on me last year with someone that did not have what we have. he lives in a trailer, can not hold and he looks messy. compare to me that guy was nothing. Soon after I found out, she was very embarrassed of the type of person she cheated with and ofcourse she regreted. She nows have to live with the consequences of her stupid actions. I do not trust her and she nows it, I do not love her as much as I did before and she nows it. There are some many things that changed. Now we have to learn how to deal with it for the rest of our lives. Is not easy. If they are habitual cheaters, then probably not until they get to the root of why they can't form lasting long term relationships. Yes they can regret it. Last year my husband had a 8 month affair with a woman. She did everything she could to get him to leave me. He said he wished he had never had the affair and blames himself totally. It had nothing to do with me he said,but all to do with him. After a while she kept pressing him to make a choice,and when it came down to it he said he couldn't do it because he did love me and realized he didn't love her at all. She flew into a rage and started calling him constantly until he had to change his cell phone number,then she tried to call him at work,finally he ask to be moved to another area and the calling stopped. He said he now looks back and realizes what a fool he was to get into something like that with her in the first place. He said he also now see's that all she wanted was money and anything else she could get out of him. So yes they can and do regret a affair.

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Yeh if you keep lying the person u love sameone so much... if the person found out that ur cheating with you.. they will definetly got caught..

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Q: Do cheaters get caught
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