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3/4 of middle school boys are into girls

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Q: Do boys like girls in middle school?
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Are middle school boys shy to talk to girls?

when guys are shy to girls that means they like that girl.

Why do boys like younger girls?

i have no idea, well mybe if their hot but other than that i don't know

What don't middle school boys like in middle school girls?

Its not there fault mayb d just wana go out with older girls I don't like girls with stuck up attitudes, ones that flirt with a bunch of people, and i don't like girls that are bullies. that's just me though. some boys might like those kinds of girls?

Why do girls help boys in middle school when you don't know them?

Because they are nice and like to help other people out.

Do middle school boys like girls even if they have pimples and acne?

Yes of course :) dimples are wonderful and acne is normal !

What do middle school guys think is cute in a girl?

i dont really think anyone knows what boys like about girls,alot of boys say,girls smile and eyes and hair and personality

What do girls usually do at middle school spring flings?

If your middle school friends were like mine then they probably will dance stand off and talk about boys and hang out with their friends. i dunno that's what we did.

Do middle school boys still like girls even if they have pimples and acne?

Some times. i m a boy and my girlfriend has acne.

What do boys think of girls bra straps in middle school what do they think of it?

I guess many boys at that age are trying to think of how to use them as sling shots. were not that immature anymore. that's like fourth grade. im a middle school boy and i really ;Ike seeing a girls bra strap

Do boys like girls that are naughty at school?


What do boys like in girls theses days?

Usually boys like a girl that they can hold hands with and go see a movie. It usually depends what age your at though because it ranges between middle school, high school, and life 😂