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Yes, Black Men like Puerto Rican women.

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โˆ™ 2012-05-26 12:52:04
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Q: Do black men like Puerto Rican women?
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Why do Puerto Rican women like black men?

Puerto Rican women are a colorful group of people. Sometimes it is difficult to define them. A Puerto Rican woman who is attracted to a Black man may identify herself as a Black person even though she might appear White to some folks.

Do Black guys like Puerto Rican womens feet?

Yes, Black guys like Puerto Rican womens feet.

Do Black guys like Costa Rican women?

Yes, Black guys like Costa Rican women.

Are puerto rican's women easy to date?

If you like drama, yes.

Do Puerto Rican Girls Like Black Guys?

Who could possibly answer that? I am a "Puerto Rican Girl" and I could have a preference that doesn't mean ALL Puerto Rican girls are the same. smh

How do you spell Puerto Rican together?

Just like how you spelled it. Puerto Rican.

What do Puerto Rican boys like in a girl?

I know puerto rican boys like girls with big boobs

What do Puerto Rican guys like in a girl?

puerto rican boys like girls that are petty and have a lot interest on them

Is Bruno Mars Puerto Rican?

No.. actually he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but his ethnicity is Puerto Rican and Filipino so basically he kinda is Puerto Rican So yeah, he's half Puerto-Rican. ;) I'm guessing the Puerto Rican community is claiming him.

Do costa rican women like black men?

Yes some of them like black men. But most of them do not like them.

Is Hillary Clinton Puerto Rican?

no, does she look like it. and tell me is your mom Puerto Rican. i need someone to loveee.

Do Puerto Rican's like to play sports?


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