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Bisexual women like both, as deciding if they like women or men better is up to them. Some women dont really have a prefference.

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Q: Do bisexual women like sex with men or women better?
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Can a man be bisexual and not like men?

Absolutely! Think of the men who are heterosexual but don't like women.

Is there a such thing as half gay?

bisexual. It means you like men and women

Do gay men like fat women?

No. Gay is gay. If a gay guy likes women as well as men that means hes bisexual.

How do you know if you like men or women?

Well, you more or less have to think about what you like. If you are more attracted to men , then you like men. If you are more attracted to women than you must like women. If you do not know which one you like more, you could possibly be bisexual.

I am a 14 year old boy. I like more men than women. Am I gay?

Well, if you don't like women sexually at all you are gay, if you like both men and women sexual but men more you are Bisexual just with a male preference, no worries there is nothing bad or wrong about being ether gay or bisexual.

Why so some bisexual men also date women?

Because they are bisexual ! The meaning of the word is ; A person who likes men and women sexually.

Who are more accepted in United States culture - bisexual men or bisexual women?

Definately, hands down women. Ofter men of teased or more drastic measures for the urges of being bisexual... so WOMEN. (:

Do bisexual men marry women?


Is Vanessa Carlton Bisexual?

I read in a magazine that she was bisexual she loves men and women!

Do women like straight men?

This depends on the woman. Everyone is different.If you are referring to all women, then the answer is no.Some women are homosexual. Others are bisexual, Some are even pansexual.There are also certain fetishes, for example some women may only be attracted to gay men (and will hence try to turn them bisexual).

Why does bisexual mean?

that you can maintain a relationship with both genders

Are bisexual men gay?

Not necessarily, they find interest in both women and other men