Do athletes burn more calories

Updated: 1/23/2024
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Q: Do athletes burn more calories
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Should you burn 1500 calories a day?

Not really. Only athletes should burn excessively high amounts of calories daily.

Is wearing more clothes when you exercise burn more calories?

Depends if the clothe is hot it will burn more calories but if its normal clothe it won't burn alot of calories.

Which juices burn more calories?

Juices don't burn calories.

In which exercise you burn more calories?

athletics would be the strong sport to doand you will burn more calories

Do you burn more calories with ac on or off?

OFF! -Burn more calories by sweating them out... sorry, but that's the truth.

How many calories do you burn doing jack hammers?

depends on how many obviously the more you do the more calories you burn

Do you burn more calories playing on the computeror watching tv?

You burn more calories playing on the computer than watching TV. Both burn very few calories, though.

If eating too much food is bad why do Olympic athletes eat huge amounts of food?

Because they burn an unusually high amounts of calories in training. If you did the same you could eat a lot too. Additional answer: It is bad to eat more calories than you burn. Olympic athletes do not eat more calories than they burn. An elderly sedentary person may only burn 1,000 calories a day. A football player may burn 5,000 calories a day. While the elderly person would become extremely fat on a diet of 3,000 calories a day, the football player would not be able to function. Too much food is a relative term depending on how active a person is. Are you in a nursing home? Do you have a desk job? Do you run marathons? When are you swimming the English channel?

Does Cheerleading burn more calories than tennis?

No, tennis would burn more calories over the course of an hour.

Does muscle burn more calories then fat?

Yes, and this is because fat doesn't burn calories; it is more of a storage for energy

You burn more calories by running or doing kickboxing?

when you do kickboxing you burn off more calories cause you are more active and moving around.

Can you burn calories dirt biking?

Oh, sure. Living bodies always burn calories, you can't stop it. And the more you move, the more you burn. And as bike riding involve a fair amount of movement, it can burn plenty of calories.