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Yes. Walmart and Sams have a discount of $15.00 dollars. Coupon code 21324 expires 4/30/2013.

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Q: Do Walmart Employees get a discount at hr block?
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Does ATT have a discount for Walmart employees?

Yes. You have to contact the HR at your walmart store to make sure, also you need to prove your an associate by bringing a paystub or check stub to At&t

What kind of discount can walmart employees get on buying a new car?

Walmart does not sell cars. Therefore you get no discount on the purchase of a new car. You also get no discount on food, drugs, or items on clearance. Typically large corporations work out fleet rates, for their employees, with a number of auto manufactures. There would be a no haggle discount of 4 to 16% off the sticker price. You normally would need to provide paperwork to the dealer. Contact your HR office and they should be able to help.

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