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Each guy is different. Can be Mexican, Caucasian, Asian, Arab, etc. Every fish in the water has their own preference. Some Mexican guys like blonde not all. A guy(doesn't have to be Mexican) will like any girl who they find attractive.

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Attraction is subjective and varies from person to person. While some Mexican guys may find blonde girls attractive, others may not. It's important to remember that individuals are unique in their preferences.

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Just like every other girl, caucasians( white people)

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Q: Do Mexican guys like blonde girls?
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Why do guys like girls with blonde hair?

You don't have to have blonde hair. Usually blondes are more outgoing and guys like that. I don't mind hair color at all. How they act is more important to me.

What hair color do most guys like the best?

I personally like when girls have blonde or black hair.

Do Italian boys like blonde American girls?

It depends on the guy, Italian guys are no different than American guys.

Are brunette girls typically attracted to blonde guys?

Attraction is subjective and based on personal preference, so there is no standard rule. While some brunette girls may be attracted to blonde guys, others may not be. Ultimately, individual personalities and characteristics play a much larger role in attraction than hair color.

Do all Mexican guys like girls all shapes and sizes or just chubby girls?

Its all up to the type of guy, although most guys prefer hotter girls

Why do guys like brown-eyed girls?

For the same reason they prefer blonde hair, or freckles, or long legs: it's just what some guys are into.

Do girls lie blonde hair?

It all depends on what kind of girl she is. Me personally like guys with dark long hair.

Do Asian guys only like blonde girls?

There is no reason why Asian guys, just like any guys, wouldn't fancy girls with any kind of hair colour. If blondes were the only ones they liked then why are there so many coupled up with brunettes, etc?

Do black guys like Mexican girls?

no they dont they preffer a blondy

Do girls like guys with lisps?

honestly, I think it's aDorable =} especially if they have blonde hair and blue eyes ;) but... that's my opinion :)

Why do some Mexicans find blonde white girls attractive?

I am a Mexican American. And all of my life I always found blonde white girls attractive. Every girl I dated was a blonde. I do not find any other race of girls attractive. I am not attracted to Mexicans, blacks or asians. I am not a racist, I like everyone. But when it comes to physical attraction Blondes do it for me. Why am I like this? Is this normal?Ernest JBecause Blonde girls are more interesting than brunettes!!I am a Mexican American and for some reason I also find white blonde girls attractive to me. The only girls I've ever found attractive are white girls with blonde hair. Maybe its a trait or something. It might actually be something normal in Mexicans. Even most of my friends that are Mexicans seem to be attracted to white blonde girls...--Matthew M. It's not because blondes are slutty. The mexicans don't have blonde people in Mexico

Do Asian guys like white girls who are not blonde and not very slim?

i think -yes! I am Asian male and I like all white girl and I find very sexy as do all other Asian guys