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Yes. They have

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Q: Do Henri and Regan Young have a facebook?
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What year were regan and Henri young born?

Henri young and regan young were born in the year 1999.

Does Henri young have a girlfriend?

Henri young and Regan young Henri young has a girlfriend calkled cassia haegele

The twens from aliens in the attic?

Henri and Regan Young

Where do Henri and Regan Young live?

Pittsford. i would know

When is Regan and Henri Young's birthday?

they are cute and their b day is i dont know k

Would regan and Henri young date a 12 year old girl?

No way

Do Henri and Regan young have girlfriends?

well one of the 14 year old twins has a girlfriend and her name is Sam.

Do Henri and regan young have phones?

Probably. A lot of young people get phones these days. They are certainly very adept at dialling and twiddling away on alien items in Aliens in the Attic.

Who are some famous people on facebook?

Justice sibblis- Canadian actor Henri young- actor jimmy bennett-actor

Has Swine Flu Killed Regan Young?

Regan young has not been killed by swine flu because he is still alive and living.

Why is regan angry?

Regan,is infact a very angry young person. Nobody knows why regan is so angry,not even her family.

Who does Henri young play in aliens in the attic?

Henri Young plays the Role of Art Pearson :)))