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Glasses don't have expiration dates, but beer bottles might.

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Q: Do Guinness beer glasses have an experation date on them?
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Can you drink milk after the experation date?

No ,but you can drink it one day after the experation date though but it will be unhealthy if you drink it way after the experation date!!

Is experation on top of can hoef281a0547 6130x pumpkin what is the experation date?

No it's on the bottom of the

Can you use cream of tarter after experation date?

Yes, of course you can. Studies have shown that food is still viable up to a year after the experation date!

Do cento anchovys in a can have a experation date?

They should....

Can you eat cran-fruit relishes after the experation date?

it depends on if its canned or not. if its canned usually you can. if its bottled or in a bag its good for 2-3 after the experation date.

Is the date on cheerios cereal bar a sell-by date or expiration date?

itss the experation date

Does worcestershire have an experation date?

It may but it will be a long, long time. Check the bottle for a date.

How long does yogert last after experation date?

5 dAYS

How long before milk goes sour?

On the milk bottle there should be an experation date. Some time after the experation date it shold go sour. But dont wait too long!!

Do cans of Bud Light expire?

Budweiser beer in the US has an expiration date of about 3 months for bottles and cans and about a month for keg beer. The taste deteriorates quickly after the date, and much quicker if exposed to heat or sunlight.

Does bread have to have an experation date posted?

All foods that go bad do.

What property of milk told the girl that the milk has soured?

experation date