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Different between online and offline processing

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Auto correlation and cross correlation

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Q: Different between online and offline processing?
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please register me, ihave try but it repuse with username yusuf, email yusufmana, password sokoto52. and please answer me this question now "online, real-time,batch processing"

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What is the difference between on-line and offline data processing?

what are the different between online and offline Data Processing

Difference between online offline?

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What is difference between online and offline hardware?

online is were you are conected to a server and offline is were you are not

What is the difference between online and offline?

Online means you are on the site. Offline means you aren't. Online= Logged on-Offline=Logged off

What is the difference between online spooling and offline spooling?

The difference between of online and offline spooling is that; on-line spooling is use the disk, offline spooling is use the memory.

What is the difference between online processing and realtime processing?

The different is that real-time processing occurs immediately an a function is set to action. Online processing involves putting functions in a queue and can take time to process.

What is the difference between online and offline programming?

Online programming is programming that has to occur while the computer or other device is connected to the internet. Offline programming doe not require an internet connection.

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