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prehistoris horses r lot's smaller and they have more hooves

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they have the same color and i dont think they had a lot horses in the ancient.

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Q: Differences between modern horses and prehistoric horses?
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Are prehistoric horses faster than modern horses?

No! The horses of prehistoric times were diminutive. They didn't have the long legs and sleek bodies.

Were prehistoric horses faster than modern horses?

Prehistoric horses were much smaller. The horses we see today have one toe ( the hoof) and a remnant of another (the chestnut). Horses from that time had multiple toes, and as they evolved, they had less and less toes. To answer your question, that would be no. Horses in these periods are much faster that they were then.

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Do Mustang horses have 2 toes?

No they do not,Modern horses have one toe on each foot.It's called a hoof. Prehistoric horses had three toes, two that did not touch the floor.

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