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Ventilation is actually the object of breathing itself. When the lungs take in oxygen. It can be made difficult by injuries such as broken ribs or anything that makes breathing painful.Perfusion is when the red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to adequately distribute it to body tissues. It is a continuous process performed by the cardiovascular system.

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Q: Difference between ventilation and perfusion
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What is ventilation perfusion coupling?

Ventilation perfusion coupling is the amount of gas reaching alveoli & blood flow in pulmonary capillaries; local autoregulation.

By what other names are lung perfusion scans and lung ventilation scans referred?

perfusion lung scan, aerosol lung scan, radionucleotide ventilation lung scan, ventilation lung scan, xenon lung scan, ventilation/perfusion scanning (VPS), pulmonary scintiphotography, or, most commonly, V/Q scan

Radioactive material is injected or inhaled and images are recorded?

"Lung Scan V/Q"ventilation perfusion scan radioactive test of lung ventilation and blood perfusion throughout the lung capillaries (Lung Scan)

What is the difference between pulmonary and alveolar ventilation?


What is V-P scan?

ventilation-perfusion lung scan (for detecting pulmonary embolism ed)

What is dead space in the lungs?

when its dead air and you cant use it to breath

What is V P scan?

ventilation-perfusion lung scan (for detecting pulmonary embolism ed)

What is the difference between ventilation and gaseous exchange?

Gaseous exchange is a natural process, ventilation is a forced process.

What is ventilation-perfusion coupling?

Matching the amount of gas reaching the alveoli to the blood flow in pulmonary capillaries

What does the medical abbreviation V-P scan mean?

A V-P scan is a ventilation/perfusion scan. Sometimes it's called a V/Q scan as well. It is a radiology study to check how well air is getting into the lungs (ventilation) and how well blood is getting to the lungs (perfusion).

Coronary perfusion pressure?

the difference between aortic diastolic and right atrial diastolic pressure; a determinant of the blood flow to cardiac muscle.

What is the difference between ventilation and breathing?

Breathing is the process of taking air into and out of the lungs, while ventilation refers to the movement of air in and out of the lungs to facilitate gas exchange. Ventilation involves both breathing (inspiration and expiration) and the distribution of air within the lungs.