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The theatrical version is what is shown in theaters and extended version is extra things that were not shown in theaters

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Q: Difference between theatrical and extended version?
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Is Paranormal Activity 2 Extended Cut the actual one?

No the theatrical version is

What is the difference between the original version of Phineas and Ferb Christmas vacation and the extended one?

The Extended version has a the song "What Does He Want." That's about it.

What is the difference in sex and the city the movie and the extended version?

They are both the same film. The theatrical cut is the 145 minute long version seen in cinemas. The extended cut is six minutes longer, and includes footage previously unseen in theatres.

What is the difference between Photoshop cs5 and Photoshop cs5 extended?

In Extended version you have 3D Tools to work with 3D Objects.

What is the difference between lemonade mouth extended version?

The Extended Edition is the one where at the end Lemonade Mouth preforms "Livin On A High Wire"

What's the difference between Adobe Photoshop cs4 extended and Adobe Photoshop cs4 portable?

CS4 Extended is the legal version that you must buy. CS4 Portable is a free, illegal version that does all the same things as CS4 Extended, the only difference is that you can't add plug-ins

What is the difference between the Lord of the Rings Extended and Platinum DVDs?

The Extended edition of the lord of the ring movies has extra scenes, music, and lines. The platinum version does not have this. There is about 30 minutes of extra scenes in each movie. Sometimes the information in the Extended version helps you understand it more. With the extended version the movie is alot more like the book.

Difference between lopressor and toprol XL?

Toprol-XL is merely an extended-release version of the same drug as is found in Lopressor.

What is the difference between igcse core aand igcse extended?

IGCSE Core covers essential topics, while IGCSE Extended covers a broader range. The core is less challenging, while Extended requires deeper understanding. The grading scale and eligibility may differ between the two levels.

Is there a censored version of the movie Paranormal Activity?

No the closest you can get to a "censored" version would be the theatrical version.

Do unrated dvds also have the theatrical version?

some do.

Fable lost chapters and Fable 2 is there a difference?

Yes. Lost Chapters is an extended version of Fable 1.