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Salvage value is defined as the value of the product after its useful life .In other words it is the value after depreciation. Salvage value also known as scrap value.

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Q: Difference between scrap value and salvage value?
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What is the salvage price for a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

Where I live salvage means sold for scrap metal value, a car with out the upholstery and plastic removed has no scrap value. They will take it but not pay. If the car is clean metal no plastic etc about $0.20 pound

How to compute after tax salvage value?

Salvage Value - [Tax * (Market Value - Book Value)

How much is salvage Chevy Malibu?

When a car becomes salvage its value becomes what it can be disassembled and the parts sold for. So each wreck is different. If I were to take a Malibu to the scrap yard they would either pay me nothing or if I had stripped or burnt the car they would give me scrap steel price. $200 or less.

What is the formula for scrap value?


Is depreciation charged on the original cost or the difference between original cost and salvage value in written down value method?

Under written down balance method depreciation is charged from original value and after that on written down balance until useful life of asset and any amount remaining at the end of useful life is the salvage value.

Does scrap magnets have a value?

Dose scrap magnets HAVE ANY VALUE

What is the value of a salvage vehicle?

The value of a salvage vehicle is roughly 60% of the value of a comparable car with a clean title.

What is the salvage value on a 2007 mercury grand marqusls?

The salvage value of a 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis varies greatly depending on your area and the actual condition. There are prices between $100 and $2500.

What is the scrap value of a walking liberty half dollar?

They currently have a scrap value of $6.96.

What the difference between actual value and earned value?

The difference between the Actual Value & Earned Value is the Project Cost Variance

What is the difference between the place value and face value of 9 in 309812?

the DIFFERENCE between the place value and the face value is 991

Is the salvage value of a vehicle the same as its book value?

NO, salvage value is subjective. The salvage price is usally set by bids. Depends. If it's salvage the price is very subjective. If it's salvage but reconstructed (i.e. roadworthy) it's typically worth 60% of the value of a comparable car with a clean title. Use and to determine appx value.

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