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Lust is what makes you do foolish things, love is what makes you remember them fondly.

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lust is wanting to have sex with that person love is just wanting to be close and talking maybe kissing

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Q: Difference between love and lust
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What is basic difference between love and lust?

love and lust. love is affection and lust is just for the sex

Is there a difference between love and lust?

The difference between love and lust is that love is a feeling of extreme liking towards another person and you like them for who they are, but lust is more of a sexual feeling towards another persons body but you don't really like them for who they are.

What is the difference between lust love and freindship love?

lust love is when you still have feelings for other people. real love is when you only love one person and that all you think about!

The difference of love and lust?

Love has a positive affect on a relationship Lust can have a few negative points once in a while

What is the different between love and lust?

Love is when you really care about someone as a person. Lust is all about sex, if you have lust instead of love, you want to be with the person only because you are physically attracted to them. Physical attraction is part of love, but that's not all there is to love.

Is sixteen too young to be in love?

NO! But it is too young to know the differences between love, lust, and infatuation.

If lust is a sin and lust is a part of love doesn't that make love part sin?

Lust is not love. Lust is for pure pleasure, but only for yourself. It doesn't always have to do with sexual actions.

How do you distinguish between love and lust?

when you LOVE somebody you think about them with your heart, and your heart wants them. When u LUST for soemone, your body wants them. Love is selfless. You think about the other person well being before your own. Lust is selfish. You think about your own need before the other.

What are good questions to ask to a group of lesbians?

Homosexuality is discussed in the Bible as men lusting after other men and not using a woman properly. There is a big difference between lust and love.

What is the difference between practical and pathological love and why does Kant value the first over the second?

Practical love is one that you have because it makes sense. It is preferred because the sense part will stay while your biological lust or love may fade.

Use lust in a sentence?

"I am undecided if I am in love or lust with you"

What is the difference between lust and a crush?

lust is when you dont really give a darn about the other person - a crush is when your first thought is about the person and not just in a sexual way. but lust lives in all out hearts.