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iostream means standard input output function.fstream means those funtion which perform operation on disk mean read from the disk as well as write to the disk.

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Q: Difference between iostream and fstream
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What is difference between iostream and iostreamh in c plus plus?

<iostream.h> is an old style of programming and does not allow using namespaces. If you use <iostream> you can use namespaces, and limit number of predefined function (not used) included with your program.

Can you give an example of a basic program that stores and retrieves data in a file in C plus plus?

#include <iostream> #include <fstream> int main() { std::fstream f("myfile.txt", std::ios::in | std::ios::out | std::ios::trunc); if (!f.bad()) { // write to file f << "The brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" << std::endl; f.close(); // read from file"myfile.txt", std::ios::in); std::cout << f.rdbuf(); f.close(); } }

What is seekg?

In C++, seekg is a method/function of the standard fstream library (fstream::seekg()) which allows you to position the 'get' pointer to an arbitrary position within the stream.

How can you hear streaming stations from your iphone?

Use Fstream. Be a little persistent, it's wonderful.

Can you replace getch of C programming in Linux without using iostream header?

There is a 'getch' in 'conio.h' which has nothing to do with 'iostream'.

Which header file needs to be included in a program that uses the data types ifsteam and ofsteam?

#include <fstream>

What is stream in C plus plus?

It's a bit difficult to show a class hierarchy using unformatted text alone, so I'll use the scope resolution operator to show the relationships instead. Note: [] denotes multiple inheritance ios_base ios_base::ios ios_base::ios::istream ios_base::ios::ostream: ios_base::ios::istream::ifstream ios_base::ios::ostream::ofstream ios_base::ios::[istream/ostream]::iostream ios_base::ios::[istream/ostream]::iostream::fstream ios_base::ios::[istream/ostream]::iostream::stdiostream ios_base::ios::[istream/ostream]::iostream::stringstream streambuf streambuf::filebuf streambuf::stdiobuf

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