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is compensation received an exceptional income

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Q: Difference between extra ordinary items and exceptional items?
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What is the difference between special child and normal child?

A special child is one that needs extra attention because of a number of reasons including disability. A normal child is one that does not require extra attention but is able to learn and grow well.

What are some extra curriculum activties?

What are some extra curriculum activities

What is the difference between mRNA and DNA?

"mRNA" is an abbreviation for Messenger RNA. It carries the genetic code for protein to the rRNA (ribosomal RNA) and enzymes in the ribosomes where tRNA (transfer RNA) carries amino acids which are matched to the mRNA to form protein. DNA is the originating molecule containing the master copy of the code. This is copied to the mRNA first. The differences between DNA and RNA are that 1) RNA has uracil in place of thymine and 2) RNA uses ribose instead of the 2-deoxyribose in DNA. There are both double stranded and single stranded DNA and RNA in nature so this is not a defining difference. It depends on what sort of organism it is as to where these compounds are in the cell but the process is similar. In the eukaryotes, there is an extra step that takes place in the nucleus where the mRNA is first cut and spliced.

What is trisomics?

A diploid cell with an extra chromosome. Basically a diploid with an extra chromosome of one type, producing a chromosome number of the form 2n + l.

What organelle allows free-living protists to expel extra water?

The contractile vacuole allows free-living protists to expel extra water

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What is the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary?


What is the difference between an ordinary partnership and an extraordinary partnership?

ordinary:in an ordinary partnership the partners are jointly and severally liable for the debts of the undertaking. extra ordinary:where the liability of the partners towards third parties are limited

What is the prefix of exceptional?

Yes, it's prefix is "un" and it's sufix is "able" hope this helps

The only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra What movie is this quote from?

The quote is from the movie "Waiting..." with Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long and Dane Cook.

What is the difference between how is baby and how is the baby?

The difference is that there is an extra word

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Extra Ordinary Barry was created in 2008.

When was Extra- ordinary - People created?

Extra- ordinary - People was created in 1984-04.

How many pages does Extra- ordinary - People have?

Extra- ordinary - People has 161 pages.

Why is there a lep year?

A year in the Gregorian calendar having 366 days, with the extra day, February 29, intercalated to compensate for the quarter-day difference between an ordinary year and the astronomical year.

What is the difference between extra unleaded and xcs plus?

The extra unleaded is cheaper.

What is the ISBN of Extra- ordinary - People?

The ISBN of Extra- ordinary - People is 0-312-27806-3.

What actors and actresses appeared in Seven Awakenings in the Life of an Extra-Ordinary Man - 2008?

The cast of Seven Awakenings in the Life of an Extra-Ordinary Man - 2008 includes: Jimmy Hendrickx as The extra-ordinary man