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Acute is a relatively new occurrence

Chronic has been happening for an extended period of time.

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Q: Difference between chronic and acute PEM?
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What is the difference between Acute PEM from chronic PEM?

Acute PEM = PEM that is new Cronic PEM = PEM that has been happening for sometime and will continue to happen. What is PEM

What is chronic pem?

Protein Energy Malnutrition

What is acute PEM?

An acute PEM stands for Protein-Energy Malnutrition. It is a potentially fatal-body depletion disorder. It is the leading cause of death in children in some developing countries

When was Pem Dorji born?

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When was Anoop Sharma Pem born?

Anoop Sharma Pem was born in 1987.

What material use for pem membrane?

The material that is used for pem membrane is the ceramic material.

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The ceramic materials are used for pem menbrane cell.

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What are some types of PEM?

Primary PEM results from a diet that lacks sufficient sources of protein and/or energy. Secondary PEM is more common in the United States, where it usually occurs as a complication of AIDS, cancer,

What is PEM stud 0.190-24 stainless steel 10-24 x 500?

PEM in science is protein, energy, malnutrition

What are the causes of PEM?

Secondary PEM symptoms range from mild to severe, and can alter the form or function of almost every organ in the body.