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It depends on what you mean. A .38 revolver may be a .38 special, but there are other types of .38 besides just the special round.

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Q: Difference between a 38 revolver and a 38 special?
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What is the difference between a 38 special revolver and aregular revolver?

38 special is only a revolver caliber. that's like saying a 44 magnum revolver or a 500 special revolver. a revolver is a revolver

What is the difference in a 38 revolver and a 38 special revolver?

The .38 Special is a specific cartridge. In addition to the .38 Special, there are perhaps a dozen different .38 cartridges. Most of them are fairly obscure/ obsolete today, but include the shorter, fatter, less powerful .38 S&W, the .38 Long and Short Colts, the .38 rimfires, .38 Merwin & Hullbert, etc. Sort of like "What is the difference between a Ford Mustang and a Ford?"

What is the difference in 38 special and 38 smith and Wesson?

Overall length The 38 special is a stronger cartridge. If you have a .38 Special revolver it can still shoot a .38 S&W but not the other way around.

Is there a difference between a 38 special and a 38 auto?

While there ARE specialized target auto pistol that are in caliber .38 Special, they are quite rare. The .38 Auto, and the .38 Super are both different cartridges from the .38 Special, and do not interchange. For everyday purposes, the .38 Special is a revolver cartridge, and the .38 Auto a semi auto pistol cartridge.

How do you tell the difference between a 32 and a 38 top break revolver?

What years did they make the 38 top break revolver? How can you know how old one is?

What 38 rounds fit the rossi 38 special?

Your Rossi revolver fires the .38 special cartridge.

Can you shoot 38 caliber ammo from a 38 plus p revolver?

A ".38 +P revolver" is simply a .38 Special revolver which is rated to fire +P loads. It's still a .38 Special, and the +P doesn't change the dimensions of the round itself.

What is the different in 38 special and a 38 special ctg?

No difference. CTG is the abbreviation for cartridge. A revolver marked 38 Special CTG, or .38 S&W Special CTG is simply indicating that it is chambered for a .38 Special cartridge. This IS different from .38 S&W, and older, shorter, fatter, less powerful cartridge.

What is the most popular revolver?

38 special

Can 38 super ammo be used in a 38 special revolver?

No, the rimless .38 Super is not compatible with the rimmed .38 Special.

Can you use 38 Special Ammunition in a ruger 38 revolver?


What kind of ammo can be shot out of a 38 caliber revolver?

38 special.