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HP used for high pressure well and LP for low pressure well in oil and gas industries.

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Q: Difference between HP and LP separators?
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What is the difference between Instantaneous speed and instantaneous velocity?

Speed has only size. Velocity has size and direction.If three drivers are driving their cars at 50 mph headed north, 50 mph headed south, and50 mph headed east, their speeds are all equal, but their velocites are all different.Instantaneous speed is the speed at an instant in time. A point on the edge of an LP record hasthe same instantaneous speed whenever you look at it.Instantaneous velocity is the velocity ... speed and direction ... at an instant in time. A point on theedge of an LP record has a different instantaneous velocity every time you look at it. Even thoughthe speed is always the same, the direction keeps changing.

Where can you find examples of simple pulley systems?

if you wanna find examples of pulley can go to this site. i dont no if this is exactly wat ur lookin fur but.....hope it helps!! <3 if you wanna find examples of pulley can go to this site. i dont no if this is exactly wat ur lookin fur but.....hope it helps!! <3 if you wanna find examples of pulley can go to this site. i dont no if this is exactly wat ur lookin fur but.....hope it helps!! <3

Convert 100W into decibels?

Given P = 100 watts. Reference sound intensity Po = 10^−12 W. Reference sound intensity level LPo = 0 dB. Get power level LP in dB when entering sound power P in watts. Power level LP = 10×log (P / Po) dB = 10×log (100 / 10^−12) = 140 decibels (dB).

How many liters is a fatboy gas tank?

How many lpg liquid litres in fat boy gas storage tank

How many cubic feet per gallon of LP?

Approx. 36.38 cu. ft of vapor per gallon @ 60 deg. F, check this url

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What is the difference between an HP supercell and an LP supercell?

in an hp supercell high amounts of hail and rain obscure everything and often hide tornadoes that are inside of them. they make tornadoes nearly impossible to see. an lp supercell has very little percipation and due to that doesn't have a tornado as often as an hp. however an lp supercell has great visibility.

What is HP and LP turbine expansion?

HP Turbine is High Performance Turbine LP Turbine is Low Performance Turbine

What is lp and hp heaters?

In regenerative cycle LP/HP heaters are used to raise condensate/feed water temperature by extracting/bleed steam from LP and Hp stages of steam turbine in order to improve the efficiency of the plant

What is the difference between hp and lp compressor?

LP Compressor PackageSource of LP gas is either from GC-16 (LP+TV) or from GC-28 (from LP Separator KO Drum). The LP gas transfer line carrying the LP+TV of GC-16 is routed to a new LP Gas Inlet Manifold, near TP-4 with pigging facilities to absorb the slamming actions of liquid slug, etc. at either end of the pipeline (namely in the vicinity of GC-16 and TP-4). The pig receiver and all other reliefs including common LP scrubber relief shall be integrated into the flare header of the GCP. The LP pig launcher relief goes to the existing flare in GC-16.The Common LP Scrubber is designed for handling liquid slug during pigging and normal operation. The scrubber is provided with automatic level control valves and collected liquids are routed to the LP Compressor Closed Drain Header.The GCP LP Compressor compresses the incoming gas from 20-60 psig to 270-300 psig and transfers the discharged gas to a 30" HP compressor suction manifold. The gas is compressed through a three-stage reciprocating compressor.HP Compressor PackageHP Gas from GC-16 is branched off through a new HP Scrubber to a new HP gas transfer line (approximate distance 3.5 KM) between GC-16 and TP-4 near GC-28. The line is equipped with pigging facility. HP gas may also come from the GC-28 HP Separator KO Drum.All sources of HP gas join in a Common HP manifold before going to the Common HP Scrubber. The HP Common Scrubber is provided with automatic level control valves and collected liquids are routed to the HP Compressor Closed Drain Header. HP Gas is routed to the HP Gas Suction Scrubber within the compressor package. The GCP HP Compressor compresses the incoming gas from suction pressure of 210-260 psig to discharge pressure of 900-1,000 psig. The gas is compressed through a three-stage reciprocating compressor.

What is the use of hp and lp dosing in boilers?

hp dosing used for precipitate the silica from bfw in drum and lp dosing used for increase the ph in boiler to maintain 9.5 to 10.5

How much hp does rocktail heals you in runescape?

they heal 230 hp, they also can heal you up to 100 hp over your standard maximum. Note, this will not be accurate in the long term due to the evolution of combat update which will be coming later.

What fuel do 3.5 hp mercury outboard motors take?

Ratio 50:1 lp marko

What is the difference between the Marshall Mathers Lp and Ep and what do the letters stand for?

LP is "long play" which is a regular album released. EP is "extended play" which is some type of prerelease sometimes with just the possible "hits" or sometimes a re-release of partial or extra. Not the original release

What is the conceptual difference between the lp and lpr commands in Unix?

lpr is the off-line printer...lp is just a frontend to the lpr. (that is in FreeBSD, maybe is the same in Sun Solaris), out put from man lp(1):LP(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual LP(1)NAMElp -- front-end to the print spoolerSYNOPSISlp [ -cs ] [ -o option ] [ -dprinter ] [ -n num ] [ name ... ]DESCRIPTIONThe lp utility is a front-end to the print spooler as required by theIEEE Std 1003.2 (``POSIX.2'') specification. It effectively invokeslpr(1) with the proper set of arguments.

How many gallons of LP does a 100 lb tank hold?

Simple answer: 100 pounds of Propane => 100 / 4.24 = 23.6 gal the "standard" LP cylinder for a gas grill is 20 pounds = 4.7 gallons The conversion for LP is Gallons x 4.24 = Pounds if one is trying to compare LP to gasoline, one must also consider that LP provides about 80% of the energy of gasoline. In a small portable generator, it is nearly transparent, but if one wishes to convert a car to LP one gets less mpg and hp.

How much is the butcher cover LP worth?

Between £50-200, it mostly depends on the quality of the lp, the condition of the sleeve, how well it plays, etc.

What are the correct pressures for R410a?

The pressure for an R410a air conditioner system should be 118psi LP and 412psi HP. This is the same pressure as an R22 air conditioner.