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No, that is not physiologically possible. The butt does not have the ability to talk. It might make sounds due to bodily functions, but it cannot communicate using language.

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Q: Did you know your butt can talk?
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He will talk with you and ask you out. He will squeeze your butt. (Most guys aren't that crude!)

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There's really no difference. You would talk to them just how you would talk to any other girl. Girls with big butts already know they have big butts. It's only a matter of way you talk to them. For instance, you never disrespect a girl by telling her how big her butt is unless it's someone your comfortable with. Girls with big butts are normal girls.

Is your butt supposed to bleed when you are on you period?

What are they teaching children, these days...Sigh, it's not your butt that is bleeding. It's...something else. Just ask your parents if you seriously don't know. I'm not going to be the one to give the talk to some kid.

When does the narrator talk about pollution in a Christmas carol?

when my butt turns round

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Oh no she didn't...

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Its butt

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i know that there is such a thing as butt paste , and I've heard of butt spray as well but you can get or purchase both butt paste and spray at WAL-MART.

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its an opinion not fact