Did slaves use secret codes

Updated: 9/28/2023
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yes they used quilt codes and code songs

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Q: Did slaves use secret codes
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How did black slaves communicate to each other when they were not able to speak?

use secret codes woven into quilts to communicate with each other

What kind of secret codes did slaves use?

in the underground railroad people who were not slaves would hang a certain clothing item of a certain color on their clolthes line. Then slaves would know to go into that house and people would hide them.

Secret codes on slavery?

Slaves often sang songs that had secret meanings. ex) "Follow the dring gord" was a code for slaves to escape and follow the big/little dipper.

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Slaves used to use codes in the old times .

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Georgia slaves codes are codes that are for slaves from george

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What were slave codes and their purpose?

Slave codes were the ciphers used by slaves to send secret messages to each other without anyone knowing. This was the way the Slave Revolution of 1903 was organised.

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