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Yes, his parents had 10 children.

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Yes, Ole Kirk Christiansen had two brothers, Karl Georg Kirk Christiansen and Gerhardt Kirk Christiansen.

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Q: Did ole kirk christiansen have siblings?
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Who invented LEGO land?

LEGOs were created by Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Godtfred Kirk Christansen.

Who was ole kirk christiansen's wife?

Kirstine Sörensen was ole kirk christiansen's wife

Who were ole kirk christiansen parents?

Ole Kirk Christiansen's parents were Jens Niels Christiansen and Kirstine Christiansen.

Who invented the LEGO?

Mr. Ole Kirk Christian did.

What was ole kirk christiansen?


When was ole kirk born?

Ole Kirk Christiansen was born on April 7, 1891.

Who was the original inventor of Lego's?

Ole Kirk Christiansen founded the LEGO Company in 1932.

Who in vented LEGO?

Ole Kirk Christiansen

Who is the inventer of legos?

Ole Kirk Christiansen

Who founded legoland?

Ole Kirk Christiansen

Who thought of LEGO?

Ole Kirk Christiansen

Who inventod legos?

Ole Kirk Christiansen.