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No. Daisy has made about 14 different versions of the 1938. None were specifically made for the left handed person

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Q: Did daisy ever make a left hand mod 1938 bb rifle?
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What is a daisy bb pistol model?

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Where do you load the daisy 225 bb gun?

This type of rifle is known as a Break Barrel Cocking rifle. It's not a BB gun it's a Pellet Rifle that fires .177 caliber pellets. It was made between 1971 - 1974. It was made in Scotland by the Milbro Brothers and sold under the Daisy Brand name. To "load and cock" the rifle. With your right hand hold the rifle by the grip right behind the trigger. (KEEP you finger OFF the trigger) With your left hand grab the very end of the barrel and yank down on it. It will break open the barrel at the breech. Pull it all the way down (Like you are folding it in half,) until you feel it cock with a click. Load the Pellet into the open breech (rear of the open barrel) then pull the barrel back up into the firing position. you are now ready to shoot. If you have a safety, put in on Fire.