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Yes, they called it their "Youth Model" a.k.a. Boy's Rifle.

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Q: Did Winchester ever make a 22 rifle model 69A with a 20 inch barrel?
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Have you ever seen a Winchester 1894 30 WCF with a vented rib?

The Winchester model 1894 rifle was never made with a vent rib barrel! the only Winchester made firearms with a vent rib barrel was Winchester shotguns.

Was there ever a Winchester 45-60 rifle in the 1800s?

Yes.The Winchester model 1876 rifle was the only rifle made by Winchester that was chambered for the 45-60WCF(winchester center fire).

How do you identify a Winchester rifle by serial number 46613?

The model number of the rifle should be stamped into the barrel by the Winchester name. If the barrel doesn't have the Winchester name, the model of the gun, and the caliber it's chambered for stamped into it, it's not the barrel that came with the gun. This will complicate the identification and you'll need to post a picture to get an answer. The serial number on a Winchester rifle is only unique to the particular model. Pretty much every model rifle Winchester ever made had one unit with that serial number. It could be anything from a lever action 1895 to a model 12 pump shot gun. If you're have both the model number and serial number, go to the website listed below to find the date it was made. Scroll down to "Related Links" and click on "Arms Collector". These guys turned the Winchester Archives from the Cody Museum into a searchable database

Did Winchester make a model 25 with a rib?

The model 25 winchester which was made from 1949-1954,with a total production figure of 87,937.My research does not state if winchester ever did make a vent-rib barrel for the model 25 shotgun.It did come with either a 26in or 28in barrel.I hope this helps.

Did Winchester ever make a model 94 for Sears?

Yes they did.The sears model number was model 54.This was a Winchester model 94.

Was a Winchester rifle ever made for 32cal both rimfire and center fire?


Did Winchester make model 6 nickel plated?

No.As a matter of fact I have no records of Winchester ever making a model 6!Could you be thinking of the Winchester model of 1906 .22cal.rifle?

How do you assemble a Winchester Model 94 rifle?

If you ever plan to fire it again, you might give very carefull consideration taking all the pieces to a reputable gunsmith.

Who manufactured a rifle marked only with Ranger 22 Long Rifle?

Ranger 22 were made by serval different companies Stevens , marlin, Winchester,savage just to name a few. How ever there should be a model # on it . Check out Hoosier Gun Works Online Catalog .I too have a .22 target rifle marked on ranger.22 long rifle cannot find any other writing or numbers.I too also have the ranger 22LR. looking for the proper scope base model or size to fit the large barrel size barrel very large most commenly called target barrelThis is likely a Savage/Stevens Model 416 sold through Sears as explained above. This model just said RANGER-.22 LONG RIFLE with no model number.

What was The first rifle ever made?

the winchester Rifling refers to the grooved twists in a gun barrel that imparts spin to a bullet thus stabilizing it and producing more accuracy. The earliest rifled guns were made in the 15th century which would predate Winchester by quite a bit.

Was the Winchester model 64 lever action ever made in caliber 358?


How many made Winchester model 65 wcf pistol grip lever action2520?

my grandfather was given a2520 model 64 wcf lever rifle prior ww2 to shoot dingo for a living it was 5 shot round barrel sheilded for sight pistolgrip curved lever like a marlen serial no 1003170 what is its value it was one of one boxfull that ever came to australia.

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