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Q: Did Smith and Wesson make a 40caliber revolver?
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Did smith and Wesson make a Wesson springfield 32 cal revolver?

Yes, I have one

When did smith and Wesson make a 38 revolver?

Since the turn of the century

When did smith and Wesson make the model 28- 2 357 magnam revolver?


When did smith and Wesson make the model 28- 3 357 magnam revolver?

the 357 smith & Wesson 28-3 was introduced in 1982 Made from 1982-1986

Did smith and Wesson make a double action model 547?

Smith and Wessons model 547 revolver is a double action revolver chambered in 9mm.these revolvers were made from 1980-1984.

What year did smith and Wesson first make the 35 cal revolver?

S&W has never made a 35 cal revolver for commercial sale.

Do they make a 500 mag?

yes, check Smith and Wesson. They have a 50 caliber revolver. I believe so does Taurus.

Where can I find a mainspring for a 32 cal smith and Wesson revolver?

Try A good gunsmith can make one.

What is the value of a Smith and Wesson .32 revolver handgun?

Make, model, condition. We need all 3, you gave us the make only. Sorry.

What make is a smith and Wesson pistol with a serial number D255280?

Smith and Wesson is the make.

What year did smith and Wesson make a 38 cal Revolver?

First made ABOUT 1873, still in production- although the cartridge and the design has changed a LOT!

Should a 22 caliber Smith and Wesson Double Nine revolver have 2 cylinders?

Smith & Wesson did not make the Double-Nine. High Standard did, and it was available with two cylinders. One was a .22LR cylinder the other was chambered in .22 Magnum.

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