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Remington did manufacture a John Browning designed rifle. The Remington Model 8, semi-auto rifle was made from 1906 until 1936. The improved version, the Model 81, was made from 1936 until 1950.

Remington also manufactured the Browning designed Auto-5 shotgun under their name as the Model 11 in various grades and gauges.

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Q: Did Remington ever make browning rifles?
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Did Browning ever make rifles in Australia?

As far as I know browning did not have any firearms made for them in australia.

Who makes the best 308 rifle?

Sorry- there IS no ONE "best". Ruger, Browning, Winchester, Savage, Remington ALL make very good rifles- but there are also European makers that have great rifles.

Were there ever browning shotguns made in Saint Louis?

No. During WWII, Browning had Remington make an American A5 for them. Those guns were stamped Browning Arms Co St. Louis Mo., but they were actually made by Remington in New York.

Did Sako make Browning Rifles?


Did browning make a 3030?

Browning has made centerfire lever action rifles in various calibers over the decades.

Did Remington Armory make rifles for Russia?

yes, during WWI, Remington made thousands of Moisin Nagant rifles for Marist Russia. Few were delivered before Russia collapsed in revolution.

Do they still make browning rifles in Belgium?

AFAIK, only if you do a custom order.

What is the value of a Browning 30-338 rifle serial L9804?

AFAIK, Browning didn't make any rifles in that caliber.

What gun did Browning mass produce for FN in the states?

FN made guns for Browning, not the other way around. In the 90s, FN bought out Browning (Herstal Group), so you may be referring to that. The only guns Browning made in the US are, the Challenger II and currently make Buck Mark Pistols and rifles. Also, Remington made Auto 5s for Browning in the USA during WWII

What years did Browning make salt wood Safari rifles?

Typically 1970-1974.

What is the value of a 16 gauge Browning Model 11 serial 155160 in excellent condition?

Browning did not make the Model 11, Remington did. If you have a Remington Model 11 in 16ga, value is between $150-$450.

When did Remington make the Pioneer model of their 22 calibre rifles?

They never made anything called a Pioneer...