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No, he did not.

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Q: Did Ramson Mumba commit adultery with Claire Kirton?
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Did ramson mumba commit adultery with linda mumba?

yes, he has a adopted daughter called Maryanne

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No, a man cannot commit adultery with his wife. In order to be adultery, it has to be with a woman other than your wife.

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You commit adultery every day when you look at someone or something lustfully. You also do it when your mind is impure or you have impure thoughts. And, obviously you commit adultery when you have sexual activity with someone who is not your wife or husband. This how adultery is commuted.

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Probably not the same mistress that he commited adultery with.

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It actually does not say that you have committed 'adultery'; but states that you commit it -- 'in your heart'. Anyway it's in Matthew 5:28