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Q: Did Nicholas Gilman support slavery
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Did Nicholas Gilman support the slave trade?

Yes, he did. He wanted Congress to control the slave trade on imports, though not exports.

Why did Nicholas Gilman support the Virginia plan?

Nicholas Gilman changed his opinion many times. He was for both.

How did nicholas gilman think the federal government should rule the states?

Nicholas gilman is awesome

How did Nicholas Gilman die?

Nicholas Gilman was a United States senator of New Hampshire. It has not been stated how he died.

How did New Hampshire influence Nicholas Gilman and his opinion on slavery and how the national executive should be elected and how states should be represented in the new government?

New Hampshire, as a state with a small population and strong anti-slavery sentiments, influenced Nicholas Gilman's opinion on slavery to support its eventual abolition. Regarding the national executive, Gilman favored a system in which the president was elected by the people, rather than through the Electoral College. In terms of state representation, he advocated for an equal number of senators from each state, along with representatives based on population, which later became the compromise in the Great Compromise.

Was nicholas gilman for the New Jersey Plan?


Did nicholas gilman have wives?

yes two

What was Nicholas Gilman's socioeconomics class?

Middle Class

Who signed the US Constitution from New Hampshire?

John Langdon and Nicholas Gilman signed the US Constitution on behalf of New Hampshire.

What political party was nicholas gilman member of?

your mama your mama

Who is the founder of New Hamshire?

The founder of Hampshire was Nicholas Gilman Jr.

Who are john langdon and Nicholas gilman?

The two signers of the Constitution from new Hampshire.