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No they did not. Phoebe's been married for years.

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Q: Did Kim Richards and Phoebe Cates have a Lesbian Love Affair?
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Did Phoebe Cates ever have an affair with a black guy?

Yes Of course

What is the birth name of Phoebe Cates?

Phoebe Cates's birth name is Phoebe Belle Cates.

What is Phoebe Cates's birthday?

Phoebe Cates was born on July 16, 1963.

When was Phoebe Cates born?

Phoebe Cates was born on July 16, 1963.

Who is Phoebe Cates married to?

Phoebe Cates has been married to Kevin Kline since 1989.

What was Phoebe Cates first starring role?

Phoebe Cates first starring role was in the 1982 film "Paradise" as Sarah. You can get more information about Phoebe Cates online at the Wikipedia website.

How did Phoebe Cates become famous?

Phoebe Cates is best known as an American actress. She gained the majority of her fame from her roles in the movies "The Blue Lagoon" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

Why is phoebe cates so hot?

That might be your opinion but I think that so

What are the names of some brown haired actresses?

Mara Wilson Phoebe Cates

Is phoebe cates dead?

Phoebe Powers was 8 years old on the 31st of may 2008 x hehe x

What Gen X actor is the god-daughter of actress Joan Crawford and married Kevin Kline?

Phoebe Cates

How long have Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline been married?

They were marred on March 5, 1989 and have 2 children.