Did Gandhi ever smoke marijuana

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2012-06-25 22:30:01

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Yes, he was known to smoke marijuana occasionally.

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2012-06-25 22:30:01
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Q: Did Gandhi ever smoke marijuana
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Did gandhi smoke marijuana?

Yes, he was a very peaceful man and smoked marijuana as a hobby and as a release. He was known to smoke marijuana with his high officials and friends.

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how ever long you smoke it

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Has anyone ever told you that Paxil and Marijuana prevent pregnancy?

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No ,for someone to Overdose they would have to smoke 15,000 marijuana cigarettes in under 20 min!

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No. Just be near someone else when they smoke it. Didn't you ever hear of 2nd hand smoke? No you can also eat it.

Did Gandhi have any medical conditions?

gandhi had a huge udiction to marijuana and magic mushrooms.! gandhi had a huge udiction to marijuana and magic mushrooms.!

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Who ever thinks that's the smoke doesn't affect who they smoke around is dumb. Its called contact high.

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It is very bad to smoke marijuana. You shouldn't smoke marijuana in the first place.

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