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Yes, in the movie Deathtrap.

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Q: Did Christopher Reeve ever play a gay character?
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Who did Christopher Reeve play on the TV show 'Smallville'?

Dr. Virgil Swann

Is Christopher Reeve considered the best actor to ever play Superman?

Yes- most people do consider him to be the best actor to ever play Superman. "Superman: The Movie" and "Superman II" are two of the best superhero movies to ever be made. Tom Welling has really grown into the role on "Smallville" and Tim Daly is praised by fans of "Superman: The Animated Series" for his voice acting role as Superman. However, Christopher Reeve receives the credit for being the best.

Which off Broadway play was Christopher reeve in?

Yes he did. He was in the Fifth of July and Matter of Gravity (with Katharine Hepburn).

Who played the title role on the television series The Adventures of Superman?

Kirk Alyn played Superman in the 1948 serial. George Reeves played Superman in the 1950's TV series. Christopher Reeve played Superman in the 1978 theatrical film. Those three actors are each given the credit for playing the first Superman in a live-action film, a live-action TV series, or a live-action theatrical movie.

Who play Bruce Wayne character?

Christopher Bale

Who was the first person to play the role of Superman either on TV or in film?

Kirk Alyn- black and white serials George Reeves- television Christopher Reeve- theatrical movies

Who is the original actor to play Superman?

Kirk Alyn was the first actor to play a live-action version of the character. He was later replaced with George Reeves who played the character in the first live-action TV series. Christopher Reeve was the next actor to play the character for the first live-action theatrical film.

What character did Christopher Lloyd play in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Bob Hoskins

Is Christopher Reeve the first actor who played Superman?

Kirk Alyn was the first to play Superman in a live-action film. George Reeves was the first to play Superman in a live-action TV series. Christopher Reeve was the first to play Superman in a live-action theatrical movie.

What are kid and play real names?

Kid (Christopher Reid) Play(Christopher Martin)

What character did Drew Barrymore play in Ever After?


People who played Superman?

George Reeves in the old Superman series from the 50s, Christopher Reeves in the four Superman movies from the 70s and 80s, Tim Daily or Daly who played his voice in the Superman animated series in the 90s and some animated movies recently, Brandon Routh in the Superman Returns movies from 2005, Tom Welling in the hit tv show Smallville which ran from 2000-2010, and Henry Cavill will play Superman/Clark Kent in the upcoming movies The Man of Steel in 2013 and Justice League in 2015.