Did Chico Mendes have any children?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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yes he had 3 that i know of

Angela Mendes ,

Elenira Mendes,

Sandino Mendes.

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Q: Did Chico Mendes have any children?
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Did chico mendes have a family?

Yes Chico Mendes had a family

What is the birth name of Chico Mendes?

Chico Mendes's birth name is Francisco Alves Mendes Filho.

When did Chico Mendes die?

Chico Mendes died on 22nd December 1988

What happened chico mendes killers?

Chico Mendes was killed by a landlord but it is not a rancher

What is Chico Mendes's birthday?

Chico Mendes was born on December 15, 1944.

What is chico mendes work?

Chico Mendes was a rubber tree farmer and political activist.

Was chico mendes a president?

chico mendes wasn't a president buut he was a leader for a forest company

How old was Chico Mendes at death?

Chico Mendes died on December 22, 1988 at the age of 44.

What religion is chico mendes?

Yes, Chico Mendes was a good Christian Steward.

What actors and actresses appeared in Children of the Amazon - 2008?

The cast of Children of the Amazon - 2008 includes: Chief Almir Surui as Surui Leader Elenira Mendes Chico Mendes as himself

What was Chico Mendes job?

Chico Mendes' job was giving out free blowjobs to random strangers then, having anal sex with them.

Why did chico mendes die?

he suicided