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describe differences between northbridge and southbridge?

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2009-08-23 15:40:06
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Q: Describe differences between northbridge and southbridge?
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Indentify the functions of the northbridge and southbridge chipsets on a motherboard?

The Southbridge chipset manages onboard peripheral devices The Northbridge chipset manages communication between the CPU, memory, and the Southbridge chipset

Identify the functions of the Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets on a motherboard?

Communication between the CPU and the RAM and PCI Express slots

What is the relationship between southbridge and northbridge?

The relation ship of two is to refer on the data on channels in cpu,,, so that is the relationship.

What is the differences between the southbridge and the northbridge?

The north and south bridge refer to the data channels to the CPU. The memory goes to CPU using the north bridge. And the mouse, keyboard, CD ROM, HDD, ext data flows to the CPU using the southbridge. The northbridge is the portion of the chipset HUB that connects faster I/O buses (for example, an AGP bus) to the system bus. Northbridge chip tends to be larger than the southbridge chip. The southbridge is the HUB that connects to slower I/O buses (for example, an ISA bus) to the system bus. The Northbridge and the Southbridge are known as the chipset on the motherboard. These set of chips collectively control the memory cache, external bus, and some peripherals. There is a fast end of the hub, and there is a slow end of the hub. The fast end of the hub is the Northbridge, containing the graphics and memory controller connecting to the system bus. The slower end of the hub is the Southbridge, containing the I/O controller hub.

Why is the north bridge faster than the south bridge?

The Northbridge coordinate the comunication and is the main interface between CPU, Graphical Interface Card and the Memory (RAM). Those need more speed and are the most used components in the computer. The Southbridge coordinate and is the interface between Storage units, USB ports, expansion cards (not PCI express), and other devices on computer. Those need less speed on data tranmission. The comunication between northbridge and southbridge is coordinate by the northbridge.

Which are two activites are normally controlled by the northbridge part of the chip set?

In order to understand the Nortbridge you have to understand part of it used to be be the Memory Controller Chip (MCC) used to retrieve memory from RAM for the CPU. The MCC was upgraded to not only provide an interconnection between the CPU and RAM but also to be the interconnection between the CPU and other devices on the PC and was renamed the Northbridge. The Northbridge only deals with high-speed interfaces such as the connection to your video and RAM. The Southbridge works mainly with lower-speed devices such as the USB controller and the hard drive controllers. The Northbridge and the Southbridge architecture is called a ChipSet..

Were is south port?

Did you mean southbridge? if so the Southbridge is located on your Motherboard, and is a counter part of a two piece component, the other component is Northbridge. This chip handles communications with sound, USB, the system BIOS and Serials. Originally the connection between the Northbridge and the South Bridge was a PCI Bus, but now it has been left to the Intel (Direct Media Interface) and AMD (Unified Media Interface).

What does 800mhz fsb mean?

This is the frequency of at which the data travels between the CPU, and the Northbridge, which is part of the chipset. It is also related to the type of CPU you may install in the CPU socket.The Northbridge is the memory controller hub (memory/graphics), and the Southbridge is for the I/O controllers (PCI bus, HDD, Ethernet, etc.).

Describe the differences between a mainframe minicomputer microcomputer and workstation?

differences between microcomputer and workstation

What does a southbridge do in a computer motherboard?

The purpose of the Southbridge chip is to help with communication between the CPU and other devices such as PCI, ISA and the IDE. Locating the Southbridge can be challenging when trying to replace chip.

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Interaction between CPU and ram?

The Northbridge interacts between the CPU and RAM.

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