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a zen one because i have both and the regular zen one is way better

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Q: Creative Zen vs Zen x-fi MP3 player what is better?
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What is the song capacity of the Creative Labs Zen MP3 player?

The 8GB Creative Labs Zen MP3 Player can hold up to 8,000 songs.

How many songs can you download onto a Creative Zen mp3 player?

On a Creative Zen mp3 player it all depends on what model you pick for gigabytes (GB). For a 8GB model the Creative Zen can hold approximately 2,000 songs. For a 16GB model it can hold 4,000 songs. For a 32GB model the Creative Zen mp3 can hold up to 8,000.

What is the highest megabite you can get?

The highest megabites that you can get in a mp3 player is 4MB. It's on a player by creative Zen.

Where could a Zen MP3 player be bought?

There are many retailers whereby one can purchase a Zen brand MP3 player from. These retailers include; "Creative Labs Online Store", "Argos" and "Amazon".

How do you get videos from iTunes onto a creative Zen MP3 player?

Remove DRM protection and then transfer.

How do you unfreeze a creative zen v plus mp3 player?

I wish i knew, that happened to mine. ='(

What do I do when my creative zen mp3 player when I plug it in it says that it's not connecting?

Take it back to the store.

Creative zen MP3 player?

Hello there, i have the creative zen v plus exactly the same really apart from video/photos. Its a great mp3 player with great sound quality and voice record etc. and the battery life is really good. if i was going to buy another mp3 player i would rather buy a creative than an ipod :D George

Where can one purchase a Creative Zen Vision M MP3 player in the Boston area?

One can purchase a creative Zen Vision M MP3 player in any electrical store in the Boston area. Otherwise it is possible to visit an on line store or site.

Where can someone go to purchase a Creative Zen player?

Creative Zen is a brand of popular mp3 player. You can get one from a local entertainment store or online retailer such as Amazon, and sync it with the music player on your computer to listen to your favourite music on the go.

Where might one purchase a creative Zen 8gb MP3 player?

One can purchase a Zen 8GB MP3 player on the website of Best Buy. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.

How do you download software onto zen mp3 player?

How do you download software onto zen mp3 player?"